Don’t just get your name out—get their business in

Marketing is essential to your business. But if nobody buys your products, who cares how many people see your ads? If you prefer to pay for results, Click+Convert can help you:

Target qualified customers interested in your offering—including by keyword, geographic area, demographics and psychographics

Pay only for interest in your offering—including for clicks, leads and sales

Set a comfortable budget and only increase it when you get results

See measurable return on investment—so you can feel confident in your results (not just guess)

Improve your marketing through testing—and use findings to enhance targeting and messaging

Optimize performance continuously to get more results for less cost

Go beyond clicks and turn your traffic into leads and sales

While digital marketing can be cost-effective and measurable, it can also be challenging—and if done wrong, unnecessarily expensive. If you don’t convert awareness and clicks into leads and sales, you can waste a lot of time and money. That’s why we design Click+Convert programs to get you more than just traffic. Rather, you get a scalable system that turns traffic into revenue through:

Strategic plans for success, built on an audit of your business objectives and marketing, with elements including market research, sales funnel design, keyword research and an analytics plan to gauge success and enhance return on investment

Traffic-driving marketing campaigns comprising professionally written and designed ads and configured and managed by media experts

Lead- and sales-generating landing pages written, designed and developed following best practices to measurably convert clicks into meaningful results

Measurement, management and optimization to track key performance indicators, demonstrate return on investment, and continuously improve performance

Work within your budget and grow with your revenue

By combining cost-effective pay-per-action marketing with business-supporting strategy, conversion-optimized landing pages, and comprehensive analytics, Click+Convert gives you the results you want—and the data you need. Working to continuosly improve your marketing return on investment, we can design a program within your budget that scales with your success.