Finally, WordPress made right for your business

Effective digital marketing requires creating content and facilitating community. But most businesses spend more time and money selecting, licensing, configuring, administering and (inevitably) fixing their content management system than producing the content itself. To help you avoid that trap, RightPress™ builds on the award-winning WordPress content management system so you can:

Use the best open-source CMS as voted in the Open Source Awards, entered in the Open Source CMS Hall of Fame, and proven every day by over 32 million publishers

Implement fast and fearlessly with out-of-the-box WordPress packages tailored to your business on a platform serving over two billion page views a day

Keep pace with rapid digital change by leveraging the massive WordPress developer community to get a CMS and over 12,000 plugins updated continuously

Make life easier for site managers and editors with an intuitive, familiar and simple yet powerful administrative interface complete with rich text editing and media management

Customize every process and pixel with design and functionality that supports your business objectives and requirements

Feel confident in your technology with professional setup, customization, hosting and support

Invest in your strategy and content—not license fees

Since 2003, WordPress has evolved from a simple blogging platform to a powerful CMS. But while many companies now recognize its power and cost-effectiveness (including CNN, The New York Times, Fox News, The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, The Financial Times, Yahoo! and NASA), few have the resources or infrastructure to maximize the benefits and minimize the risk. With RightPress™, you get:

A rock-solid CMS leveraging the award-winning WordPress and our proprietary suite of customizations and plugins to provide a reliable digital communication platform

Technical strategy to map a WordPress-based solution to your business requirements—and, if necessary, migrate from an existing CMS

User interface and theme design to facilitate end-user goal completion and reflect your brand

Customization and plugin development to provide functionality that supports your business objectives and processes

Content planning, optimization and uploading to ensure your new site is robust, searchable and user-friendly

Hosting, support and maintenance to keep your site running smoothly

Training and insight to get the most of your CMS

Get a solution that’s just right for your business

With RightPress™, we’ve built on WordPress to provide out-of-the-box CMS solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes, including online retailers and publishers. Contact us today for a free consultation.