Our process: Define, design, develop, deploy and drive based on data
We provide tools and expertise to grow your traffic, conversions and revenue. Combining our technology, infrastructure and expertise with our data-driven process, we:

Define digital strategy

With so many options (and often too few resources), many advertisers and publishers struggle to organize digital tactics into a coherent strategy. This can lead to waste and poor results. We listen to your business objectives and challenges, analyze your markets, and review your digital data. Then we apply best-practices and experience to architect a high-performance conversion funnel, align tactics to drive traffic and revenue, and specify indicators to measure success.

Design digital assets

Online, your creative can’t just be pretty. It must perform. Our creative services team writes and designs high-converting, brand-reinforcing assets including display advertisements, landing pages, microsites, inbound marketing websites, ecommerce websites and publisher websites.

Develop and deploy digital properties

Focus on your success—leave the tech to us. Our RightPress™ publishing platform provides a cost-effective foundation for your digital activities. Our technology services team can leverage it or your existing infrastructure to customize and integrate solutions tailored to your digital strategy and IT requirements.

Drive targeted traffic

Reach the right people at the right time with the right offer. Through our publisher network, Clove, you can leverage leading ad-serving technology and relevant publishers to cost-effectively target optimized creative at audiences based on demographics, behavior, context and geography.

In addition, our media services team can plan, manage and optimize programs comprising display, search, social media and affiliate marketing. Simultaneously, our creative services team can plan, manage and optimize content and community programs to attract and build relationships with audiences organically.

Gather data and optimize

Go beyond numbers to actionable insight. We install, configure and analyze your analytics to identify gaps and opportunities across channels. We then recommend strategies to improve performance, and test hypotheses to identify winning approaches. Our goal: to understand and continuously optimize your conversion funnel—from clicks through leads, qualification and sales.